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// Dialogue is more than advertisement.

Life is already complicated enough, let us keep the communication simple.

Brand communication is now more diverse, more complex and relevant than ever. We probably agree on that. At this point, a lot of text could follow on this topic. But that’s not necessary.

Strategies and trends aside, in the end it’s all about telling a good story, finding the right wording and staying in dialogue with the target group. The “stages” for suitable ideas, concepts and words are manifold. Whether headlines or long copies, brochures or websites, social media or trade fair appearances, newsletters or posters, radio spots or TV advertisements. Each brand has many possibilities to speak their own language.vAs a copywriter as well as a conceptioner, for me the context is always a part of the text. What is the essential message? What are the unique features (USPs)? Where is this going to lead? What makes sense?

I would love to successfully create brands (online or offline) and, above all, reach people emotionally. With words that reach the target audience, content that interests, ideas that both inspire and touch, and with slogans that remain in memory. To the point, creative, informative, target group-oriented, unique, easy to understand, memorable and humorous. With the goal to reach and touch the hearts of people.


Didn't you always want to know why question headlines are especially successful?


Image texts are the great seducers in writing. Attractive, promising and always authentic.


Make a long story short. Usually. The secret of a good long copy however is to tell a compelling story. That's why it may sometimes be a bit more.



The key to a good SEO text is more than just keywords. Quality, uniqueness and both relevant as well as interesting information are the true door openers.


They remain in good memory, it "rings" immediately when they are encountered and sometimes they become a catchy tune.


Behind every successful concept is a lot of head and heart. Only when both come together does something holistic develop, something that completely inspires.

// References (German)

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